Friday, April 24, 2015

Bottoms up as we wait for a new prince or princess

With suspicion arising about when the next royal baby will be making an appearance, The team at Weleda are also celebrating 30 years since launching the original calendula nappy cream, and with celebrities like Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Kimberley Walsh, Liv Tyler, and Fearne Cotton to name a few fans of the natural baby balm, Weleda look back at the award winning cream.

Made with carefully crafted ingredients including extracts of golden calendula (famous for its skin-healing properties) grown organically, together with soothing chamomile. These are combined with nourishing plant oils of sweet almond and organic sesame, plus protective beeswax, purest lanolin from Australia, and comforting zinc oxide to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the very first day.- text from Weleda
  • Weleda nappy cream has won 28 awards in the UK alone in the last 10 years 
  • Weleda uses over 7 tonnes of fresh calendula flowers in the babycare range
  • Weleda has been making baby skincare products since 1959 Weleda has the widest range of natural babycare products on the market
  • every single Weleda baby product is NATRUE-certified genuinely all-natural

Available from Waitrose, Boots, Ocado, Whole Foods Market, and leading health stores and pharmacies nationwide, or from the online store at Call 0115 944 8200 for stockist information or mail order.

Jane Iredale Make up

When the team at IIAA gave me the opportunity to try some of the Jane Iredale mineral make up, of course i took them up on the offer and i am so glad i did, because it has really changed my view on cosmetics and make up.

Every company from high street to high end have launched a range of mineral make up, they all claim to be great for the skin, better coverage etc....

Who is Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale was a make up artist, who noticed that models and actresses skin would really suffer due to heavy make up, in 1994 Jane launched the brand and strived to provide make up that had benefits for the skin. the foundations all provide SPF and UV filters, and they are developed to work with the skin, but are they easy to use?

The products 

'absence' oil control primer
This is one of the best primers i have used, it really does help to keep the skin matt but it doesn't block the pores or look heavy. i use the sponge included to apply the primer as find it quick and easy, it blends in well and dry to the touch within seconds, you don't have to wait for it to set, a small amount goes a long way so be careful not to over apply.
Pure pressed base mineral foundation - in warm sienna
Pure pressed mineral base is so easy to use, simply sweep the brush gently across the foundation, it does get a little dusty at times, but nothing compared to old school powder foundations, a few gentle sweeps will equip you with enough foundation, gently glide don't press hard and sweep otherwise you will be wasting the foundation.
Balance hydration spray
As with many mineral foundations a setting spray is recommended, this spray is light it just feels like water when sprayed onto skin, no tightness or tingling, and you can use this to help add additional layers of foundation spraying after each layer, i usually do one spray after base foundation and another after touching up imperfections and bronzer, but down to personal preference really, a little goes a long way don't use more then a few sprays. 

bronzer 02
I made the classic mistake of overloading the brush and i looked way to bronzed. from now on i gently sweep the brush over both the bronze and high lighter and start contouring around cheek bones up to temples, i also contour my jaw line slightly to add definition. once you remember less is more you will love this bronzer as much as i do. 

And finally a little bit of lippy! the tinted lip plumper, goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling like they are only wearing lip balm, a tinted plumper that gives your lips a hint of colour and plumps them using mint and cucumber extracts. i am not a fan of lipsticks or glosses but i love this tinted plumper, my lips feel soft all day.


Since trying Jane Irerdeal it has reignited my passion for make up, i have suffered with my skin for a few years now and until finding Jane Iredale i didn't really think that wearing make up was a good idea as it would irritate my skin, cause break outs and on occasion make the break outs look worse. I couldn't use anything on the high street or to a degree specialist and luxury brands as these were either not practical - ( takes ages to apply) or they caused big breakouts on my skin. 

So thank you for reminding me that i can still wear make up, without damaging my skin and apply is less then 4 minutes in the morning. i cannot recommend Jane Iredale make up enough and i am excited to discover what other colours and products the brand has to offer. 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The pampered prince tells a valuable tale

It makes a change to see male bloggers within the beauty and cosmetic industry, and i was really pleased when a few blog posts popped up on my twitter timeline to see a different view on beauty products, and it made me think that sometimes we forget that men can feel concerned about their skin as much as us woman do? so it is about time that some men came forward and admitted that they too have skin care concerns?

Andy Milward is a facialist and skin care expert and i have recently discovered a beauty blogger! I always enjoy reading other beauty blogs, Andys blog - The pampered prince is very well written, not only products and treatments but also precautions - i thought his post - Dangers of buying professional only products online, really highlights an unspoken area, May of us and i will even admit myself have considered buying professional grade beauty products, this is so dangerous! many companies do not retail on line so chances are your not buying the real product instead a horrid counterfeit with who knows what in it, Andys post explains that even with the best knowledge- unless you have the training and qualification you should truly stay clear of professional products!

The Pampered Prince is a great blog if you get the chance to have a read and offers both professional product and treatment reviews along with some trade secrets to help with every skincare concerns male or female

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